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Why the practice of mindful self-compassion can help parent well-being

In this video, Denise Funfar, integrative coach and mindfulness teacher, discusses mindful self-compassion and the many benefits it can have for parents, especially when it comes to feeding our kids.

She describes how the practice of mindful self-compassion creates such positive benefits for ourselves and our families. Denise guides us through two exercises on self-compassion and how we can get started.

She explains the following:

“People are often very hard on themselves when they notice something they want to change because they think they can shame themselves into action – the self-flagellation approach. However, this approach often backfires if you can’t face difficult truths about yourself because you are so afraid of hating yourself if you do. Thus, weaknesses may remain unacknowledged in an unconscious attempt to avoid self-censure. In contrast, the care intrinsic to compassion provides a powerful motivating force for growth and change, while also providing the safety needed to see the self clearly without fear of self-condemnation” (

She describes that parents can start noticing when they are being hard on themselves. And how as parents, our inner critic can be trained to motivate with kindness – awareness is key!

Denise Funfar, Integrative Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, combines a results-driven business background with extensive training in scientific and holistic approaches to help clients experience wellbeing while also achieving their goals in business and in life. She is fueled by a deep desire for people, especially women, to experience worthiness, belonging, and joy being fully themselves. Learn more at

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