Healthy Kids

These New Year’s Resolutions Can Help You Raise Body Positive Kids

With a New Year on the horizon, you may be thinking about resolutions or goals you want to implement in your home.

2023 can be the year you leave diet culture behind and embark on a journey of rewriting your feeding legacy in your family.

Tune in for some practical New Year’s resolutions that can support you toward raising body confident kids, shifting generational cycles of diet culture and help you on your journey with raising intuitive eaters.

6 Ways to Raise Body Positive Kids:

  1. Ditch your scale, keep it out of your home

  2. Practice speaking kindly about your body in front of your kids

  3. Emphasize body trust and autonomy

  4. Aim for connection over control at eating times

  5. Offer unconditional acceptance of your child’s body

  6. Continue to heal your relationship with your body

Listen in below for more on how to implement these strategies to teach your child body positivity:

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