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Each Mind Matters Recognizes BIPOC Mental Health Month

Each Mind Matters recognizes the significant disparities and trauma experienced by BIPOC communities and understands that true social justice cannot be achieved unless mental health disparities in the BIPOC community are addressed. Therefore we are joining Mental Health America and other mental health leaders in shifting to the use of person-first language by recognizing July as BIPOC Mental Health Month. Formally, it was referred to as Minority Mental Health Month. However, as Mental Health America states below, this perpetuates the marginalization of the BIPOC community.

As Mental Health America stated:

The continued use of “minority or marginalized” sets up BIPOC communities in terms of their quantity instead of their quality and removes their personhood…The word “minority” also emphasizes the power differential between “majority” and “minority” groups and can make BIPOC feel as though “minority” is synonymous with inferiority. Though “minority” and “marginalized” may continue to be used in academic spaces, the words the mental health community uses need to change in order to help communities understand how these terms create and perpetuate negative images and stereotypes of individuals that identify as BIPOC.

Mental Health America

Supporting BIPOC communities is always a priority for Each Mind Matters and during these unprecedented times, civil unrest and effects of systemic racism; we recognize the urgency to continue to increase intersectional conversations about mental health, support BIPOC communities and dismantle unjust barriers to mental health care.

Informed by members of the community, Each Mind Matters has created resources to support California’s diverse communities along their mental health journeys. Visit the EMM Resource Center for an overview of the many resources available and direct links to download those resources.

Each Mind Matters is determined to contribute to the movement for social justice by working with our network of schools, community-based organizations (CBOs), providers and mental health experts to support mental health equity and promote culturally responsive care for all Californians.

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