An abused kid may be struck, shaken, choking, biting, kicking, punching, burning, poisoning, smothering, or held underwater. Bruises, cuts, welts, burns, fractures, internal injuries, and, in the worst-case scenario, death can all result from physical abuse. Bodily violence is defined as an act that is intended to cause or results in pain or physical injury. As with other forms of violence, the perpetrator’s primary goal is to limit the other’s ability to self-determine, which may or may not always include physical suffering.

The perpetrator’s use of physical violence sends a clear message to the victim: “I can do things to you that you don’t want to happen.” Such violence may be used to illustrate societal power imbalances or to advocate certain demands, sometimes regularly, through compulsion. Domestic violence, or physical violence in personal relationships, continues to be a pervasive problem in every country.

Physical abuse can involve any of the following violent acts:

  • scratching or biting
  • pushing or shoving
  • slapping
  • kicking
  • choking or strangling
  • throwing things
  • force-feeding or denying you food
  • using weapons or objects that could hurt you
  • physically restraining you (such as pinning you against a wall, floor, bed, etc.)
  • reckless driving
  • other acts that hurt or threaten you.

It has many short-term as well as long-term effects on mental and physical health. Following are some of the mental health issues related to bullying.

  • The person suffers from depression and becomes prone to anxiety.
  • Feeling of inferiority.
  • Increased sadness, loss of hunger, lack of interest in almost all activities. Unable to keep mental peace.
  • Unable to respond effectively in classroom activities.
  • Physical pains as a result of aggressive bullying as well.

Physical Abuse Resources


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