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5 Tips for Navigating Holiday Sweets with Kids to Support Self-Regulation

Tis the season for holiday sweets and sugar galore.

And you know what? Our kids are totally here for it.

But as a parent, on the other hand, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the sight of sweets at every corner and the constant requests for “More cookies!”, “More candy!”, “More chocolate!”

You may feel unsure about how to best handle this influx in sugar and sweets.

You likely want your kids to enjoy the tastes and treats of the holiday season without any guilt or shame attached.

You might also be worried about the amount of sugar they’re intaking or unsure how to handle the sugar overload without them feeling restricted from it.

You might feel uncomfortable by the sheer volume of all the sweets in your house or tired of the constant obsession around all things sugar.

If you’ve found yourself in this position this holiday season, please know you’re not alone.

This can be challenging for MOST parents and givers, and navigating sweets with kids can feel like a sticky situation.

So what’s the best way to work through these fears in order to support your children in not only building a healthy and positive relationship with all foods, but to enjoy the holiday season without a side serve of diet culture?

Listen in for 5 helpful tips to support you in navigating holiday sweets with your kiddos to support them with self-regulation and intuitive eating.

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