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3 Keys to Protecting Your Kids From Diet Culture During the Holidays

Diet culture shows up in many sneaky ways and can be especially loud during the holidays.

As a parent raising intuitive eaters, you want to do everything in your power to protect your kids from diet culture.

What may be even more important is supporting your children’s abilities to withstand diet culture in the many forms they may encounter it so they can build resiliency to diet culture messages.

In today’s episode, Crystal will walk you through what is diet culture and why it’s harmful to kids, ways to spot diet culture, as well as share 3 practical tips for you to help your children build resilience to diet culture messages this holiday season.

3 keys to protecting kids from diet culture during holidays:

  1. Shut down food and body shaming

  2. Avoid restriction compensation for eating behaviors

  3. Challenge engrained food rules

Learn more by listening in to the show below:

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